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About Us

"While our brand is changing to reflect our focus on the future, what isn't changing
is just as important. COSHATT continues to provide smart solutions with experience
at the core."
-Jim Ward, President

Formerly recognized as HL Coshatt Company; we rebranded as COSHATT to help communicate our emphasis on innovation.  We are a creative and capable organization with a keen focus on our customers’ needs, and that has not changed. 

Sharing over 40 years of industry-leading shelving design expertise, COSHATT’S  fixtures, furniture and equipment offer turn-key innovative solutions that are specifically designed for:


Whether you need a new layout or remodeling an existing layout, our trained professional designers and installers guide you to your preferred work environment.  Creating spaces with efficient work flows and budgets, while achieving the ultimate aesthetic is our mission.


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Who We Are

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