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Sharing close to 50 years of industry-leading shelving fixtures and display design expertise, COSHATT’S modular fixtures offer innovative solutions that are specifically designed for every area of your industry. Whether you are updating an existing space, or starting from scratch, our trained professional designers and installers guide you to your preferred environment. Creating spaces with efficient work flows and budgets, while achieving the ultimate aesthetic is our mission.  


 A lot has changed since our humble beginnings, but as our industry evolves, what hasn't changed is the passion and pride we take in designing and installing each and every space. COSHATT's team comprised of industry specific design experts stay at the forefront by creating new solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of tomorrow. This design background and industry specific experience enables us to be a trusted and preferred partner by world-class companies around the country.


All of COSHATT’s fixture offerings come in a tremendous array of sizes, options, materials and configurations. And we go much further than this, offering the ability to customize virtually every item within our product lines, or even to create completely new and unique models and options as part of a specification. Virtually every fixture is offered on a custom-designed basis, with modular construction for ease of installation and reconfiguring. Let us help you transform your space by optimizing the way people connect, focus, and respond.

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